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Frequently Asked Questions

Describe SOUL's journey.

Soul as a professional organisation was established in 2021 though the journey started way back in 2009. The founders and promoters of this initiative have been working on education and research part through sister organizations like Jaivik Jeevan Shaili Vigyan Samiti and RAH Farmer Product organisation.

What binds Team SOUL?

Deep belief in Organic products and life has been a spiritual theme for everyone in the team and have been practising it for many years.

What is SOUL's technology solution?

A technology suite led solution which would enable mass adoption of Organic farming processes. Providing Education, products and processes for the farmers and authenticated products for end-customers.

What are SOUL products?

Over the last few years, SOUL has developed many farmer products like Biofertilizers, Biocontrol, Bionutrients etc for soil enrichment. Please visit our store at https://esoullyf.com/

How is SOUL's solution different?

There are organic farming trainings without supporting products or just bio-products without practices. There exists no technology platform to provide continuous engagement and advisory to organic farmers. We're full spectrum. Farmer Subscription App with features like Ecommerce, Content Management and Learning Management etc.

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