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Introducing the Capsule Culture Complete Kit for Soil Treatment and Remediation, a comprehensive solution designed to enhance soil health and promote effective soil treatment. This all-inclusive kit contains a range of capsules and supplements to address various soil issues and foster optimal plant growth.

Key Features:

Holistic Approach: The kit includes Rhizo Capsules, NPK Capsules, Zinc Capsules, Sulfur Capsules, Decomposer Capsules, Fungicide Capsules, and Bactericidal Capsules, providing a holistic approach to soil remediation.
Supplements: Additionally, the kit includes Jaman Bacterium, Mycorrhiza Packet, Surpal, Bhaskar V+, Agnihotra Bhasma, and a Soil Remediation Handbook to offer a complete solution for soil treatment.
Enhanced Soil Fertility: By using this kit, you can enhance your soil’s fertility, balance nutrients, and promote healthy plant growth.
Easy to Use: The capsules and supplements are conveniently packaged and easy to apply, making soil treatment hassle-free.


Rhizo Capsules – 2 capsule sets
NPK Capsules – 2 capsule sets
Zinc Capsules – 2 capsule sets
Sulfur Capsules – 2 capsule sets
Decomposer Capsules – 2 capsule sets
Fungicide Capsules – 2 capsule sets
Bactericidal Capsules – 2 capsule sets
Jaman (Jaman) Bacterium 500ML – 1 unit
Mycorrhiza Packet 250 grams – 1 unit
Surpal 250 grams – 1 unit
Bhaskar V+ 500 ML – 1 unit
Agnihotra Bhasma 50 grams – 1 unit
Soil Remediation PDF Handbook – Free
Unlock the potential of your soil and achieve healthier, more productive crops with the Capsule Culture Complete Kit for Soil Treatment and Remediation.

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