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Leaders in Organic Farming Innovation

Journey of being Organic starts with us. Grow organic healthier crops, boost soil productivity and achieve chemical-free farming with our Vedic Age encapsulated essence of agricultural practices.

About SOUL

Mission Chemical Free Crops

Organic Certified

With over 25 years of research we provide best technology driven and research-backed organic agro-inputs ensuring quality and farmer-consumer welfare.

Leading the Change

Through education, technology and expert management, SOUL empowers farmers to adopt organic practices.

Not Just Leaders but Family

SOUL is not just an organization; It is a family consisting of farmers, experts, researchers and technologists.

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Agnihotra kit

Your first step on the journey of Organic farming. Start with the transformative power of the ancient Vedic ritual.

Bhasma Rasayan Kit

Boost Your Crop Vitality: Explore Our Bhasma Rasayan Kit for Organic Farming Success.

Capsule Culture Kit

Powerhouse of the nutrients. Your one step for various nutrients required by plants.

Govardhan khad

Want enhanced soil productivity and plant health? Go for our Govardhan Khanij Khad.


Caring for Mother Nature and your peers on an organic journey.

We're a group of farmers, trainers, researchers and technologists to transform the Sustainable & organic farming across India and world. Our vision is to make Organic Farming mainstream through a transformational end-to-end solution consisting of breakthrough research, training & education, innovative agri-input products and associated services delivered through cutting edge technology platforms.

TCBT Training

Courses curated for your success

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Join us and elevate your farming

Know Us

SOUL offers a complete toolkit

Institutional Tie-ups

Government Institutions

Government Institutions like Krishi Vigyan Kendra working with us.

Farmer producer organizations

Farmer producer organizations (FPO) in MP, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra

Government Institutions like Krishi Vigyan Kendra working with us.
Swiss research and export organizations like Biore working with 3000+ farmers for organic cotton.
Farmer producer organizations (FPO) in MP, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra

Our Best Team

Waste is avoided through conservation

Cofounder, Chief Mentor & Ideologue

Tarachand Belji

Cofounder & CEO

Ritesh Agarwal

Cofounder, Growth & Finance

Sharad Bhatt

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Fundraising Causes


Leading the way to a greener tomorrow

Mr. Lekhram

Chief Farmer

आज गुरूजी द्वारा ऊर्जा विज्ञान,अणु, जीवाणु का ज्ञान और soul के उत्पाद ने मेरी खेती में क्रांति ला दी है

Mr. Pankaj Manda

Soil Engineer

मेरी कृषि शैली पूरी तरह से बदल गई है और उत्पादकता में वृद्धि हुई है। मैंने नई आर्गेनिक तकनीकों का उपयोग करके अपने खेती की वृद्धि की है।

Mr. Toofan

TCBT तकनिक से किसानो को मेने कई तरह से सक्सेस किया उनकी life चेंज कर दी


Years of research


Team members


farmers income doubled


Acres under organic farming by 2025 (or earlier)

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