Nano Energy

Introducing Nano Energy, an innovative agricultural solution revolutionizing crop enhancement. Comprised of nano poly unsaturated fatty acid particles encapsulated in an organic biopolymer and suspended in water, Nano Energy boasts a particle size of less than 100 nanometers. With a robust 22% concentration, it offers a rich blend of poly unsaturated fatty acids, emulsifiers, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, and preservatives, providing plants with essential metabolic energy sources.


PUFA: 22%
Emulsifiers: 16%
Amino Acids: 8%
Vitamins: 0.5%
Enzymes: 5%
Preservatives: 0.8%


Enhances both quantity and quality of yield.
Ensures prolonged shelf life of produce.
Free from harmful chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides.
Improves crop robustness and resilience.
Increases omega-3 fatty acids in produce, enhancing health benefits for consumers.
Intensifies flavor profile of the yield.
Warning: To be used under the supervision of a Certified TCBT Expert only.


Apply 1-3 ml per liter of water as a foliar spray or sprinkle in the evening.


Store at room temperature (not exceeding 40°C) in a well-ventilated, clean, cool, and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.
Avoid storing in metallic containers or using with chemical pesticides.
Maintain normal hygienic and housekeeping standards for agricultural products.
Experience the transformative power of Nano Energy for sustainable crop enhancement and improved agricultural outcomes.

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