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Introducing Nano Copper, a cutting-edge solution crafted with advanced nano-technology and fortified bio-polymers. With a potent concentration of 2500 PPM Copper and essential Amino Acids, this innovative formula addresses Copper deficiencies in plants while offering a multitude of benefits. From enhancing photosynthesis and aiding in plant respiration to boosting resistance against pests and diseases, Nano Copper is a comprehensive solution for optimal plant health.

For foliar application, simply mix 0.5 ml per liter of water, covering one acre with ease. Our cost-effective 250 ml option ensures efficient application per acre, delivering both quality and affordability. While typically applied monthly for healthy plants, Nano Copper can be adjusted for more frequent use to meet specific soil and plant health requirements.

Experience the power of Nano Copper and revolutionize your approach to plant care for thriving, resilient crops.

Key Features:

Advanced Nano-Technology: Crafted with advanced nano-technology and fortified bio-polymers, Nano Copper offers an advanced solution for addressing Copper deficiencies and enhancing plant health.

Comprehensive Plant Health Solution: Nano Copper serves as a comprehensive solution for plant health, addressing multiple aspects including nutrient deficiencies, photosynthesis, and pest resistance.

Revolutionize Plant Care: Experience a revolution in plant care with Nano Copper, empowering growers to achieve thriving, resilient crops through innovative technology and effective application methods.

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