TCBT Mini Capsule culture kit

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Introducing the Mini Capsule Culture Kit, a compact and efficient solution for enhancing plant growth and providing essential nutrients. This kit consists of two key components: the Jaman Growth Booster and the Decomposer NPK Capsule.

The Jaman Growth Booster stimulates plant growth and vitality, while the Decomposer Capsule gradually releases nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for balanced nutrition. Together, they ensure healthier, more robust plants with improved resistance to stressors.

Simply apply the Jaman Growth Booster and insert the Decomposer Capsules near the plant roots for convenient and effective plant nourishment. Experience vibrant, thriving plants with the Mini Capsule Culture Kit.


Rhizo Capsules – 1 capsule set
NPK Capsules – 1 capsule set
Zinc Capsules – 1 capsule set
Sulfur Capsules – 1 capsule set
Decomposer Capsules – 1 capsule set
Fungicide Capsules – 1 capsule set
Bactericidal Capsules – 1 capsule set
Jaman (Jaman) Bacterium 250ML – 1 unit

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